Thursday, May 8, 2008

Photos for Anytime Fitness

A guy I used to work with asked me to do some promotional work for his gym. Never one to turn down an opportunity to shoot, regardless of subject, I agreed. I've taken the last few days to post-process and I'm honest when I say I'm not really that happy with the results. I managed to scrape together a dozen of two of the trainers to put into my portfolio... but these are admittedly not my best work.

There was a time constraint because of other happenings so as it turns out, I had just over two hours to shoot exteriors of the gym, group shots, headshots and bodyshots of ten people, a bunch of exercise-like shots and some outdoor activity stuff. I felt rushed and as a result, didn't really follow my normal routine of due diligence. To put things in perspective, I've had a shoot last 8 hours and result in 1200 pictures... for just two models! For these, the lighting was off in a lot of them, some of the pictures are not sharp and there's just a general feeling of blah when I look at them. I think you might feel the same way.

If they're not that good and I don't really like them, why am I sharing them? Well, I've always been one to show people the things I'm most proud of, probably in hopes of propping my ego. I'm selective about what I show and who I show it to because I don't really like not being the best at something (shocking, I know). Showing these is not only my way of saying I'm not always the great photographer I like to think I am, but also taking a step towards allowing myself to be vulnerable. Wow, that's deep. Is this what 30 does to you?

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