Sunday, July 27, 2008

944 Cup Calendar Shoot

You were expecting more pictures or posts from our California trip, weren't you? Well, it's a bit early to be gathering my thoughts and our pictures so instead lets take a trip back a month... or two. I was asked by the 944 Cup National Director (aka my dad) to set up a photo shoot for the 2009 calendar. After it was all said and done, we had 4 models booked for 3 hours and planned to shoot them with 12-15 different cars using 3 different photographers. Since I was also racing that day, I wanted to be somewhat hands off about the whole thing but you know how that goes. I had a vision in my head of the final product and without my involvement, it just wouldn't have happened. The end result was me taking more pictures than I wanted but having a nice collection to add to my portfolio. I finally got them online and am able to share. I think I'm going to have 5 (yes, 5) new albums from our trip so stay tuned for those.

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