Saturday, January 29, 2011


I shot this set nearly two years ago. I can't exactly say what took me so long to get them online, but it had something to do with taking a long series of baby steps towards the finished product. I think these photos are somewhat monumental for two reasons. First and foremost, it represents the first time someone close to me (namely my wife) has served as such a purposeful subject. To date, a lot of my work has been detached and calculated but this one feels different... at least to me. The second reason is because this set also represents a departure from the normal habits. Generally speaking, I want to process and post photos as soon as I shoot them so I can cross it off my to do list. I don't like things "hanging over my head" and tend to obsess over making sure they don't. As a symbol of me breaking free of those obsessive tendencies, I take pleasure in the fact it took me so long. The amusing thing about it is I still thoroughly enjoyed removing it from said list.

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